Beatles大約40年前Beattles錄最後一張唱片, 至今, BEATLES還是有他們的魅力. 照這相片的作者當時只有18歲, 他在華府的體育場看BEATLES的演唱會. 後來他們到蘇麗文節目表演, 吸引了7千4百萬觀眾, 當時電視還是黑白的, 也不是很多人有系統傢俱電視可以看. It’s been over 40 years since the Beatles released Abbey Road, their last recorded album, but the public’s fascination with the Fab Four has stood the passing of time.Photographer Mike Mitchell, then 18 酒店工作years old, shot the Beatles performing their iconic first concert in the United States at the Washington Coliseum. The concert occured just two days after the band’s momentous performance on The Ed Sullivan Show, a 房屋買賣debut which drew over 74 million television viewers.Looking back, Mitchell recalls, “to me, this concert was an opportunity to do portraits, and to get an up close look, to really see who these guys were! Many 借貸Americans emerging from the sleep-walking fifties saw the Beatles as very strange creatures indeed. Most of the establishment press treated them as mere novelty. My generation however felt an immediate connection 租房子with them and still do.”The photographs in this auction portray the Beatles as they first arrive at Washington ’s Union Station from New York , the concert at the Washington Coliseum, the press conference after the 結婚concert, and additional images from the band’s performance at the Baltimore Civic Center taken on September 13, 1964.Speaking about his unprecedented access, Mitchell remembers that “things were different back 賣房子then. There was no big security presence, the press wasn’t corralled and I was free to sort of embrace my own ambition.”Strangely enough, the negatives taken by Mitchell were stored in a box in his basement for 代償more than 40 years while he focused on a more artistic path of photography. Several years ago, as the recession and housing crisis hit the nation, Mitchell digitalized his archive.The photographs in The Beatles 裝潢Illuminated are up for auction at Christie’s on July 20, 2011 at 7pm EST. Mitchell’s one-of-a-kind silver gelatin prints are expected to fetch an estimated $100,000.Read more: 會場佈置
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